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Perhaps the New Age began in 1962 (or perhaps earlier)
Perhaps it really all began in Liverpool or perhaps what began there was 'different'.
However, many people date the start of the New Age from November 1962, when Peter and Eileen Caddy went to live on a caravan site, and this eventually developed into the Findhorn Community (it is near Forres, about 30 miles east of Inverness in NE Scotland)

They lived there in obscurity with their 4 children for a few years, joined by their friend Dorothy Maclean, but then word spread that they were doing something special, and people began to visit, and then began to stay, then more, then they had to build more accomodation, community buildings, develop systems and structures, until the community reached a maximum of about 300 members in 1975. Since then, it has mostly had about 200 members - it is a registered charity, and is at http://www.findhorn.org

(You may note that I think that Findhorn is the flagship of the New Age - forum for debate!)

Since then (debatably) it's been downhill all the way - becoming more commercialised, selling off the income creating departments to comply with charity regulations, perpetually in debt and fixated on money, gradully sinking into it's own process, members staying longer - giving more continuity, but conversely stagnation, never finding a suitable and working management system.

Conversely, the experience for guests remains one of best things there is, especially if the visitors are at a turning point in their lives. The gardens are lovely, the people are great.

But, the questions remain - Why has it made so little progress since 1980 (was it supposed to stand still ?). What are the positive lessons that can be learned ? And what can be learned from the errors ?

Please join in on the forum .........

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